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Milèo Elixir Oud

Milèo Elixir Oud

American luxury start-up Milèo New York capitalises on the wellbeing trend by harnessing the healing properties of aromatherapy in a new sustainable skincare collection.

The unisex range consists of four facial elixirs, which feature naturally occurring oud as the core ingredient. According to the brand, oud’s multifunctional properties regenerate skin cells and reduce inflammation – resulting in smooth and hydrated skin.

Each elixir contains 48 botanical extracts, which aim to stimulate a sensorial experience wearer. The elixir Amber Fort, for instance, is a brightening facial oil that combines Indian pink lotus flower and Indian jasmine – known to promote relaxation.

Milèo adapts the conventional use of fragrance to create evocative sensorial experiences for the skincare realm and feeds into a growing trend for reviving aromatherapy for the luxury sphere.

To ensure the purity of the ingredients being used in its formulas, Milèo harnesses an innovative testing method called gas chromatography-mass spectrum analysis, which quantifies the time an ingredient was harvested and how it was distilled. As a result, only clean and ethically sourced ingredients – free from chemicals, pesticides and synthetic enhancements – touch the wearers’ skin.

An eco-friendly strategy is key to engaging with young luxury consumers. Approximately 47% of millennials check whether high-end brands foster sustainable values before purchasing (Deloitte, 2017).